Upgrading Magento 1.7 to

created December 12, 2013, last updated May 23, 2015.

closeThis post was last updated 9 years 9 days ago, some of the information contained here may no longer be actual and any referenced software versions may have been updated!

A few notes after upgrading to Magento from

Make sure you backup your Database and Magento source directory first! My first upgrade attempt using Magento connect (via SSH) failed, The following error appeared when trying to load the site

“Call to a member function rewrite() on a non-object”

After googling the error and trying a few suggestions the install was still broken so I restored from backup and tried again. This time I followed the following steps

1. Remove cached files from /var/cache and /var/session

2. Restart memcached (if being used)

3. Sync mage


./mage sync

4, Run upgrade (with force switch)

./mage upgrade-all –force

5. Reset ownership and permissions on all files and folders.

Magento loaded without error.

There are no major database changes between and so you can restore your 1.7 installation and switch between the two versions quite easily if you need to do any debugging etc.



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