The Marketing Power of Facebook & Lady Gaga

created July 5, 2011, last updated July 5, 2011.

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The eCommerce Power of Lady Gaga on FacebookThe marketing power of Facebook is very interesting, take the Lady they call Gaga, she is the most popular female music artist on Facebook having accumulated so far almost 40 million Facebook likes, almost 1.5 million people indicate their interest in her and her products (music) each week, and as you are reading this that number is raipdly rising.

Within 24 hours an update on her Facebook page will receive over 50,000 likes. This is the equivalent of handing out an advertising flyer to everyone in a packed out Wembley Stadium, each one reading it and indicating that they like what they have read, and it costs absolutely nothing.

These Facebook Like figures for a post are indicative of perhaps half a million to a million page views. In Marketing terms if Lady Gaga posts a link from her Facebook page to her own site advertising new music, products etc. the traffic generated would be astonishing and exceed anything you could pay Google for within the same time frame.

Facebook page leaderboard 05.07.2011
Facebook page leaderboard 05.07.2011


Combine this with a Twitter update, she has 11 million Twitter followers, and the eCommerce power of social media networks in terms of marketing and potential exposure of new products is awesome.

Via Facebook and Twitter Lady Gaga has the power to instantly reach literally hundreds of thousands of customers (fans) within seconds creating the possibility to generate a lot of product awareness, exposure and most importantly revenue.

I would not like to estimate how much advertising power like this would cost to purchase. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Eminem and Rhianna have created, quite unintentionally, the most powerful advertising vehicle on the Internet. Of course Facebook rides along on this success with its own advertising streams which also gives you an idea of how lucrative Facebook advertising can be.

Perhaps Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Eminem should sell update space on their Facebook sites? Now if you could promote your own products directly on Lady Gagas Facebook page, that would be pretty neat. I won’t buy her CD but I would pay for that!


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