Magento External – Display Magento Products on External Sites

created July 10, 2013, last updated May 24, 2015.

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magento-icon           Magento External allows you to extend your Magento shop to external sites such as eBay or Blogs like WordPress  by providing a simple AJAX interface to your Magento Database and a new product attribute collection to use for describing products on external sites or blogs.

I  developed Magento External for use with eBay listings as a solution to listing many products with multi language descriptions controlling all the content from a central database – Magento.

Magento External lets you produce simple product description pages using data from your Magento shop database. If you are selling the same products across multiple retail platforms such as Amazon and eBay it makes sense to keep your product data centralised, and if you already have a Magento shop then using the information you already have in Magento for external sites makes a lot of sense.

Attributes for products available on Magento External


For eBay listings you can then also update your product info from your Magento admin, making it far easier to manage product listings.

The code utilises memcache to cache requests reducing load on your db.

  • multi language
  • custom javascript menus
  • cross browser support (cross domain xdr supported)
  • custom images and header images
  • memcache support
  • supports simple, grouped, configurable products

Here is an example eBay listing running here in an iframe. To see a live Magento external eBay listing send me an email.


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