How to use Amazon Cloud Drive with Owncloud

created May 10, 2017, last updated May 10, 2017.

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Amazon offer cloud drive storage for photos free for Amazon Prime customers. For less that 10 yoyos per month you can upgrade to an unlimited cloud drive storage plan.

Yes, I did just say unlimited storage.

This is pretty neat, but I already use an open source cloud storage system on my own cloud server – called er, Owncloud Wouldn’t it be really nifty if I could attach the unlimited Amazon Cloud drive storage to my Owncloud.

Here is how to do it in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive storage plan at
  2. Install and configure acd_cli
    1. pip3 install –upgrade –pre acdcli
    2. acd_cli -v init
      1. authenticate with Amazon and save the generated oauth_data file to ~/.cache/acd_cli/oauth_data
  3. Sync acd_cli
    1. acd_cli -v sync
  4. Mount acd with fuse
    1. acd_cli mount –allow-other -i 0 /home/acd/
  5. Create a new external storage folder in Owncloud
    Owncloud External ACD

That’s it, Amazon cloud drive will now appear as an ACD folder in Owncloud.

Is it really unlimited? In their license agreement it says that your service will terminate if your usage “substantially exceeds or differs from normal use by other users”. Be sure to check out the fine print. A quick Google around shows users already at hundreds of terabytes which sounds good to me.



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